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Moving not to change a number on the scales, but simply because of how it makes us FEEL, because of the energy it gives us, the clarity and the increased productivity that carries throughout our day. Moving for mental health, for better energy levels & for whatever your reason and your ‘why’ is for moving!

It’s hard in the world we grew up in and the world we are still currently living in, especially the all powerful social media, to see and feel that change in your mindset that movement and exercise has so many other benefits than the goals of changing a body, or the number on the scales!

Think to yourself, when was the last time you exercised without your apple watch, or you exercised and didn’t think about what it’s going to do to change your body? When did you just move to celebrate your body and what it does for you, or to FEEL better?

At Move Headquarters, we acknowledge that it is a hard habit to break, a hard world to get out of, especially when diet culture is still so dominant and changing our bodies to suit society’s standard is still so heavily influenced in the social media world. Move Headquarters is a space for people to just “be”. To show up for yourself, to take some time for yourself or to be whoever and whatever they want to be on that day. It is a place for you to realise that you can show up and listen to your body on any given day, a place to unlock your mindset and potential.

We want to provide you the space and to be able to just move because you want to. We want to encourage you to challenge your mindset and reflect upon your habits when it comes to exercising. Are you listening to your body? Are you giving it the rest it so needs and deserves? Of course, we encourage regular exercise but when you do exercise, think about how that is going to impact your day, instead of changing your physical body shape. Are you more productive? Do you have more mental clarity? Do you feel more confident? Have more energy? These are only a small amount of benefits that exercise does for us that has nothing to do with our body shape or size. We can achieve these things regardless of our body, weight, shape and size.

Exercising has had such a positive impact on so many people across the world and it continues to do so, but it has also has a negative impact on a lot of people. We want to be apart of that change. The shift in mindset. The change that our next generation will be apart of. Moving our bodies for benefits outside of physical appearance. Our energy levels, mood boosting, clarity, productivity, confidence, mental health & self-esteem. Exercise shows us that we can do something for ourselves everyday, we can prove to ourselves that we can do hard things, we prove to ourselves that we are worth so much more than just what we look like.

Emily Howlett
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